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Today is 09-09-09, an auspicious number in China. 

Odd numbers in ancient China were considered masculine and since 9 is the highest single-digit odd number, it was interpreted to mean the “ultimate masculine” or supreme sovereignty of the Imperial Emperor.   Chinese Emperors embraced the number 9 and had their robes embroidered with nine five-toed dragons (the symbol of the Emperor).  The number 9 is thought to represent long life.  Even the Forbidden City in Beijing is believed to have been designed and originally built with 9,999 rooms.  Nine rows of nine studs are commonly found on the palace gates.  Even the four corner towers of the Forbidden City Palace have 9 beams and two sets of 9 columns.

The Temple of Heaven, also in Beijing, is built with the altar in three tiers and multiples of 9 slabs on each tier.  This is the place where Emperors came to worship.

The Emperor’s New Year’s Dinner and birthday dinner were comprised of 99 dishes for long life and good luck.

Both 6 and 8 are also considered lucky numbers because their Chinese names sound similar to words with positive meanings.  The word for 6 “liu” sounds like the word for happiness and the word for 8 “ba” sounds like the word for wealth.  As you may recall, the Chinese kicked off the 2008 Summer Olympics on 08/08/08. 

People may pay extra for lucky numbers in their street address, building floor, bank account or cell phone.  Last time I was in China, a few people noticed that my cell phone number has three 8’s and two 6’s.

Forbidden City, Beijing

Forbidden City, Beijing