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2018 JANMs. Coates is currently the President of Blue Silk Consulting and Author of 42 Rules for Sourcing and Manufacturing in China, The Reshoring Guidebook and Legal Blacksmith – How To Avoid and Defend Supply Chain Disputes.  She earned an MBA from the University of San Diego and a BS in Business from Arizona State University.  Ms. Coates has consulted with global and domestic clients, software companies, VCs and PE firms on systems and processes.  She has considerable international experience and has worked for extended periods in Asia and Europe.  Her experience spans a broad range of industries including High Technology, Software, Chemicals, Health Care, Consumer Products, Industrial Products, Food Distribution, Transportation, Publishing, Retail, Oil and Gas. She has extensive knowledge and experience in manufacturing and outsourcing in China.



  1. I really liked your blog. It’s very interesting and I’d love to read your book when it comes out.


  2. Fascinating insight on manufacturing
    base of the China and the lethargy of the
    the United States. David, your Taxi-Driver in Houston,Texas!

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