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I have always been fascinated by China, and have always felt a deep connection to Chinese people and culture.  As a child of 7 or 8, I can remember spending an entire summer in the heat of Phoenix, AZ, trying to dig my way to China.  The feeling that I wanted to get to China, never went away.

Over my professional career, I have worked on consulting projects throughout the world, including extended periods in Korea, Japan, Australia, Singapore and China.  When I finally landed my first project in China and traveled there for the first time, I was completely awestruck and wanted to absorb everything I saw, heard and experienced.  I could barely sleep. 

Having spent 25 years in Supply Chain operations and consulting, I could see that China was clearly the future for sourcing and manufacturing.  Over time, my interest and excitement grew into a specialty focus area for my consulting company. 

After a few years of helping my clients source products and manufacture in China, I wanted to share what I had learned.  My friend, Vicki, was relentless in telling me I should write a book.  And so I have.

I feel like I have so much to say and share and can help others through telling my stories and offering my advice.

Writing a book is not just about content, however.  It is a giant project that has to be managed to deadlines, edited and kept relevant.  There are cover designs, cover colors, front matter, back matter, promotions, photos, endorsements and forwords to ask for.  There are interviews to conduct and ideas to organize.  Writing the content becomes just one of the many things that must get done.  Thankfully, my editor and my publisher are well-organized and never let me forget that I must keep the project moving along.

So here I am, 10 days away from submitting the final first draft.  Starting to panic….



  1. What a great intro that inspires me to read further so I can begin to experience the depth and opportunities China has to offer. Your excitement clearly brings the energy that flows from China into this book.

    Looking forward to more….


    • Thanks, Vicki. I have heard so many times that I should find what I love and pursue it. I did and I am.

  2. Rosemary, welcome to the wide world of publishing… your enthusiasm is infectious, your expertise compelling. Thanks for all your guidance.

  3. Thanks, Dan. What a complement coming from a great author. I love the way you write and now I understand how hard it is!

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