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Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle

We All Love the Underdog – Susan Boyle



If you haven’t yet seen the Susan Boyle video from the “Britain’s Got Talent” show…here is the link:   Susan is a jaw-dropping, fantastic singer from Scotland who has gained world acclaim this past week. 

What’s so special about Susan?  Her voice, of course, but also that she is truly the underdog… the unexpected, undiscovered talent. 

From observing human behavior over many years, it seems to me that many people live vicariously though events just like this.  We all want to have some undiscovered talent elevated and recognized whether you are a singer, writer, business professional, etc…we dream about success and recognition.  To see an unlikely person such as Susan achieve worldwide recognition warms our hearts, gives us hope and a chance to re-think how we discover and emphasize talent in the workplace.

In day-to-day business, we can improve the achievement of target goals  through recognition, emphasis on workers’ talents and more time spent coaching the top performers.  In the book First, Break All the Rules, by Buckingham and Coffman, they demonstrate that in order to maximize the productivity and potential of people, the best managers focus on utilizing and developing their people’s talents rather than tryin g to improve their weaknesses. Great managers spend more time with their best employees, not with their least productive employees.  Emphasizing strengths instead of working on weaknesses is a key to exceptional business achievement. 


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