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Craig FergusonOn Monday we had a chance to attend a taping of the Craig Ferguson show in Hollywood.  Craig is the comedian-host of the Late, Late Show that comes on at 12:30 am, after David Letterman.  I think Craig is quite funny and since I am a night owl, I often catch his show.  So it was with great anticipation that we got our free tickets on line, traveled to Hollywood and queued up for the show at CBS.

After passing through metal detectors, we were directed to benches where we were briefed by a CBS page.  Then we were escorted upstairs and into the studio where a warm-up comedian told jokes and explained the importance of a lively audience.

To get our adrenalin pumping, the warm up comedian threw chocolates at us, told rapid-fire jokes and encouraged us to clap to blaringly-loud music.  By the time Craig Ferguson walked out on stage we were in a frenzy of excitement and hilarity. The show was good. Craig was funny, as usual.

What is interesting about this experience was our reaction to the segments of the show once we were all hyped up.  Everything seemed funny and we were motivated to pound our hands together to make as much noise as possible.  For about 90 minutes we were super-high energy, optimistic and easily entertained.

Now I am pondering how I can use the same principles in my consulting business.  Getting people excited about a topic heightens their acceptance of change and motivates people to action.  It makes people feel like the topic is more interesting, successful and satisfying.  The next time I present, I am going to try to get the audience excited at the beginning.

Now all I need is a warm-up comedian to assist me.


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  1. Don’t forget the chocolate. That’s the key.

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