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I was recently asked to join the team of volunteer business experts in a new business grant program established by Yahoo! for women entrepreneurs. This contest is being led by the former Star of “The Apprentice,” Carolyn Kepcher, theSeeds for Success: Empowering Women Entrepreneursprogram gives three grant recipients six months to grow their businesses and compete for a bonus grant, awarded in October.


My picture is on the Front Page of the web site ( You can read my coaching blogs and those of the other mentors at I have already talked with all three of the women finalists and I have written blog entries. My first blog entries on this site are all about sourcing in China.


I am very impressed with these young women entrepreneurs and thrilled to be able to contribute to their success. They are all quite ambitious and believe in their products. Over the next 6 months, they all have very good chances of success with all the mentoring they are getting from different kinds of business people. I am coaching all three in manufacturing and logistics.  

I was told that the web site is getting 25,000 hits a day. If you are interested in following the progress of the contest, check the web site from time to time.


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