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photo courtesy of Tex Texin

photo courtesy of Tex Texin

Chinese (Lunar) New Year is always a huge event in the San Francisco Bay Area.  But this year is different… The predictions for this 2009 Year of the Ox are pretty grim for the world economy.  Here in Silicon Valley, as well as across America and around the world, we are seeing the ravaging effects of a global recession.  Those of us who have lived through recessions before know this will eventually pass, but recognize there will be a lot of suffering in the meantime.


The Ox, one of 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac, symbolizes calm, hard work, resolve and tenacity. Hard work and tenacity is exactly what it will take during the next 12-18 months before we start to see improvement.  These are scary times, indeed.

So those of us with skills, ideas, optimism and desire must double down and get to work on whatever it is that we do best.  Eventually, we will work our way out of the recession and return to prosperity.  The Ox is here to remind us of this, all year long.


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